Panama Papers

“The outrage that greeted the Mossack Fonseca revelations (actually, rather few so far) seems to me to partake more of joyous spite and hatred of the rich than of any real desire to improve the world, the latter being a much weaker emotion than the former. If the rich could be deprived of their wealth, even if no one else benefited thereby, I think many people would want it.”

Theodore Dalrymple

Taxes on the Wealthy


My experiences match those of Scott Adams:

“One of the odd things about my career, and where I live, is that I meet a lot of billionaires and hundred-millionaires in the normal course of my work. Allow me to label my experience anecdotal and rare before you do. Anyway, my experience is that all the super-rich people I meet seem to have a few things in common:

–          They don’t need to work.
–          They all work 60+ hours per week.
–          Every penny they make from now on will be spent by others.
–          They are trying to find the best way to give away their money.
–          No one likes higher taxes.”