“The Rev. Jean-Maryce Mbemba-Moussosso, a Bantu and the parish priest in Enyellé, didn’t mask his surprise when Bokodi entered his office with a Western reporter.

‘You’re a Pygmy?’ the Catholic priest asked Bokodi, staring at his clean button-down shirt and slacks.

‘I’m an indigenous person,’ Bokodi said quietly.

‘You mean a Pygmy?’

‘An indigenous person,’ he repeated.

‘You’re a Pygmy and you speak French?’

Bokodi’s jaw clenched, but his voice remained timid. ‘Yes.’

The priest’s eyes then dropped to Bokodi’s hand.

‘A Pygmy with a telephone?’

Finally, Bokodi exploded. ‘What do you mean by that question?’

The priest rolled his eyes and changed the subject.

No matter how hard he struggles, it seems, Bokodi will never be accepted as the Bantus’ equal. But that doesn’t stop him from trying.”

Katie Thomas


“The estimates I’ve seen regarding what the net value of black American slaves in 1860 would translate to in current dollars range from $1.75 trillion to $10 trillion. Writing in Forbes, some white guy reckons America’s net wealth is somewhere around $80 trillion, adding that ‘Even if slavery reparations are righteously due they would amount to around and about the current cost of food stamps.’ Since total American annual welfare spending is now around $1 trillion, and since the country has spent trillions in welfare since the 1950s, and since blacks chew up a disproportionate amount of welfare expenditures, it’s possible that the ‘reparations’ may have already been paid—with interest, even.”

Jim Goad