“A mentally unstable racist clown with conman skills (mostly just lying) eviscerated the Republican primary field and won the presidency. He keeps doing crazy, impulsive racist stuff. But for some reason, the economy is going well, jobs are looking good, North Korea blinked, ISIS is on the ropes, and the Supreme Court got a qualified judge. It was mostly luck.”

Scott Adams

Taxes on the Wealthy


My experiences match those of Scott Adams:

“One of the odd things about my career, and where I live, is that I meet a lot of billionaires and hundred-millionaires in the normal course of my work. Allow me to label my experience anecdotal and rare before you do. Anyway, my experience is that all the super-rich people I meet seem to have a few things in common:

–          They don’t need to work.
–          They all work 60+ hours per week.
–          Every penny they make from now on will be spent by others.
–          They are trying to find the best way to give away their money.
–          No one likes higher taxes.”