“It’s Not Fair”

“For the infantile moaners, it’s always about manufacturing outrage over ‘unfairness,’ but never about acknowledging the instances that disprove bias. The Oregon standoff could end in a government-perpetrated massacre tomorrow, and leftists would still maintain that the white occupiers were treated preferentially because they weren’t immolated on day one. This is the main reason to ignore the career complainers who whine endlessly about ‘it’s not fair.’ Nothing will ever satisfy them, no action will ever appease them. So it’s not worth trying.”

David Cole

Racism in Media

“I’m old enough to remember when ‘Boyz ‘n the Hood’ came out, and how John Singleton was lauded for bringing attention to ‘black-on-black’ crime and absentee dads. Singleton himself included several dialogue scenes in the film in which the lead characters complain that the news never mentions the violence going on in the inner cities. Singleton even testified before the U.S. Senate about these issues. Many, many publications at the time supported Singleton for bringing to light issues that the ‘white media’ ignores.

So back then, it was considered racist for the media to ignore black-on-black crime and absentee black fathers. And now, here we are in 2015, and apparently it’s racist for the media to give attention to black-on-black crime and absentee black fathers. How did this shift occur?”

David Cole