Dr. Byrom’s Ahnentafel


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John Byrom is a supposed ancestor of mine. If I am descended from him, I would be a distant cousin of HM Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom through the Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne; and HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco through the Dukes of Hamilton.


Question marks indicate a missing name.

I use the % symbol instead of 1 to make it easier to calculate the ahnentafel numbers should I ever prove a link with my family tree.

Some of these people held many titles, I have not attempted to list them all.



%.) Dr. John Byrom, Lord of the Manor of Kersal, Parr, etc., M.A. (Cantab.), Doctor of Physic, F.R.S.*


%+1) Elizabeth Byrom


%+1×2) Joseph Byrom


%+1×2+1) Elizabeth Bradshaw


%x2.) Edward Byrom


%x2+1.) Dorothy Allen of Redivales


%x2+1×2.) Capt. John Allen of Redivales


%x2+1×2+1.) Anne Allen of Redivales


%x4.) Edward Byrom


%x4+1.) Ann Crompton


%x8) Edward Byrom


%x8+1) Ellen Worsley


%x8+1×2) Thomas Worsley of Carr


%x16.) Lawrence Byrom of Salford


%x32) Henry Byrom


%x32+1) Mary Beck


%x32+1×2) Thomas Beck


%x32+1×2+1.) Anne Beck


%x64) Adam Byrom


%x64+1.) ? Hunt


%x128) Raufe Byrom


%x128+1) Alice Starkey


%x256) John Byrom de Byrom


%x256+1) Margaret Lever


%x256+1×2) William Lever


%x512) Henry Byrom de Byrom, High Sheriff of Lancashire


%x512+1) Lucy Parr


%x1024) Thomas Byrom de Byrom


%x2048) Simon Byrome de Byrom


%x2048+1) Joan del Crosse


%x4096) Henry Byrome de Byrome


%x4096+1) Alice de Holland


%x8192) Henry de Byrom de Glazebrook


%x16384) Richard de Byrom de Glazebrook / de Houghton


%x32768) Geoffery de Byrom de Glazebrook


%x32768+1) Alice de Gresley (de Heriz?)


%x65536) Geoffery de Biron


%x65536+1) Edith ?


%x131072) Sir Roger de Burun, Kt., Lord of Horestan Castle


%x131072+1) Nicola de Verdun


%x131072+1×2) Roeland de Verdun


%x131072+1×4) Bertram de Verdun


%x131072+1×4+1) Maude de Ferrers


%x131072+1×8) Godfrey de Verdun


%x131072+1×16) Gonzelon I, Duke of Lower Lorraine


%x131072+1×16+1) Urraca, Princess of Italy


%x131072x2) Hugh de Burun, Lord of Horestan Castle


%x131072x2+1) Albreda Edmundson


%x131072x4) Ralph de Burun, Lord of Horestan Castle, Aide to William the Conqueror


*He was styled as a doctor of physic due to his studies at Montpellier but also acquired the title of “doctor” without degree elsewhere.