Academic Profile


My interest in art (and my inability to find a degree in my main interest, aesthetics and art theory) is what led me to my study of theology.


I have been interested in heraldry for quite a few years now and I am a member of a number of heraldic organisations. I am armigerous. Naturally, this fits in nicely with my interest in history and my genealogical work.


Genealogy (Ancestor Worship)

My great-grandmother Dora Wrigley née Pimley left behind a large body of work and a tale of being descended from John Byrom. Despite a great deal of effort from me and a professional genealogist, we still cannot prove this descent. Our efforts have resulted in a larger family tree on my father’s side and in me researching previously unstudied branches of my mother’s family.



Tamil is my true mother tongue and first language although I cannot speak it today.

English is my primary language and was spoken by all my proven ancestors, except maybe Emily Pillai.

Urdu is the third of the three languages I learnt in infancy, which is hard to believe considering I can barely speak it today. I can follow more of it than I let on but I would not categorise myself as a speaker of it.

I studied French on a number of separate occasions: at school, at Alliance Française de Karachi, at home using a primitive early version of Rosetta Stone and on Livemocha. I used to have a surprisingly large vocabulary, especially considering I could barely say anything.

I attempted to teach myself Toki Pona, which is a constructed language with very few words.

I studied Dutch on Livemocha a few years ago because I could not find a course in Afrikaans at the time, which was my main interest. At one time I regularly listened to 94.7 Highveld Stereo, a South African radio station which broadcasts from Johannesburg.

I did eventually find a course in Afrikaans and I have nearly finished it.

I am fluent in Ladonian and I have advanced knowledge of the International Phonetic Alphabet.

I have studied Japanese since late 2009 and briefly lived in central Japan.


Medicine and Public Health

I have studied medical sciences such as endocrinology and anaesthesiology as an amateur at a number of universities around the world.



I have a longstanding interest in names which relates to my interest in linguistics.



I have read the central texts of most major religions and I am one of the few non-Zoroastrians to have read all the Gathas.

I am intending to research the following topics in order to create material for my doctoral school:

  • Genealogy of Christ
  • Correct Use and History of Anglican Church Titles
  • History of Anglo-Catholicism
  • Overview of Ecclesiastical Heraldry
  • History of The Congregation of Discalced Clerks of the Most Holy Cross and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Jewish Messianic Prophecy