The Poor Sink Further

“More and more, workers can no longer be exploited because they offer nothing worth exploiting. There will be no need for labour, and thus no need to exploit it. In a not-too-distant dystopian future where machines have supplanted labourers, the great bulk of humanity will be left idle and abjectly dependent—parasites who can only take because they have nothing to give.”

Jim Goad

Andy Richter Controls The Universe


Andy Richter: Yeah. It was originally titled Anything Can Happen, but now it might be titled Andy Richter Controls The Universe. They wanted to get ‘Andy’ in the title, so I just thought, well, if they’re going to try and do that, I’d better come up with something that I like a little better. I thought that, with Andy Richter Controls The Universe, no one could possibly take that seriously. I was afraid that if they put it in the title, it would somehow end up being Everybody Loves Andy, like Everybody Loves Raymond, which is a very good show, but the worst title ever. Whoever said that should be the title really should be selling cars now.

Interviewer: People remember it.

Andy Richter: Yeah, but they remember Vietnam, too.”