A German Teacher

“Our art teacher at the Steiner school was a softspoken South German man of about thirty. One day in a life drawing class he saw a doodle I had made at the margin of my page of a Spitfire shooting down a Focke-Wulf. I would have been about ten at the time. The German aircraft had a Swastika drawn prominently on its tail. The art teacher came over to me and said softly, in a man-to-man fashion, ‘We made a great mistake. Those days are over now, you know.’ Immediately I felt very ashamed and humbled. His sincerity and humanity were more of an education to me than all the drawing he ever taught.”

Hugh Milne in Bhagwan: The God That Failed

Race is a Social Construct, So I’m a Poor Black Orphan

“Since race is merely an idea—a pinch of invisible magical dust held lightly between the thumb and forefinger—I can close my eyes, wiggle my nose, click my heels, and reconstruct myself as a black man of pure dark-chocolate 100% swampy sub-Saharan ancestry, and I don’t care if you like it or not. No, actually, I do care if you like it—in other words, I will MAKE you like it. And since none of you will be able to find my black parents, I will also register as an orphan, depending on whether I qualify for government assistance based on that status. I would think that being a poor black orphan would be worth—what?—at least $500 combined monthly from local agencies and President Obama’s personal stash? I can be whatever I want to be, and you can’t stop me, and that’s my right, and I’ll take it all the way to the Supreme Court, so don’t push me, or I will call you a hater and get you fired from your job.”

Jim Goad

Hooligans or Whatever

“Asked in an interview in 2001 to clarify the target market for the Topman clothing chain, the firm’s brand director, David Shepherd, replied: ‘Hooligans or whatever’.

He went on: ‘Very few of our customers have to wear suits for work. They’ll be for his first interview or first court case.’

The company later suggested that the word ‘hooligan’ would not be seen as an insult among its customers.”

The Telegraph

Lost in Fame

In the background, and repeated all around the stadium on posters and shirts, you could see images of LeBron, in colors and lines that strangely suggested Socialist realism: a hopeful, active, strong young man. Maybe this is what it means to have a general relation to large numbers of people. You become a little less specific yourself.

Benjamin Markovits

Genetics and Criminality

Many refractory, low-IQ children do not become predators. These traits indicate a strong propensity for crime but only a minority act on it. It is extremely likely that these characteristics are hereditary. Studies in Scandinavia have shown that children of criminals, when given up for adoption, are considerably more likely than other children to become criminals. Curiously, this link is stronger for property crime than for violent crime. If any given criminal has a twin, the twin is more likely than average also to be a criminal. If he has an identical twin, the chances are even greater.

Thomas Jackson via Luke Ford


Life Through Fisheyes

What really caught my attention in the photograph, however, were the four pedestrians by the side of the road as the vehicle with the triumphant jihadists rode by. Three of them were taking pictures of the scene with their phones. It was as if what was happening was real for them only if seen though a lens and on a screen, or as if the world seen directly, not through a lens, was a little too strong for their eyes, like the sun.

It is possible that they thought they were recording for posterity, including their own, what they knew to be an historic moment, but I rather doubt it. No; they were taking pictures in exactly the same way that they, and millions of others, now take pictures of a meal in a restaurant or a holiday parade in a street. Where everything can be so easily recorded, all events are equal. Except, of course, that they are not.

Theodore Dalrymple

Unlike Dalrymple I think those people with their cellphone cameras knew they were videoing something, not historic, but prehistoric. The unwinding of civilization. The good news, if there is any, is that the unwinding is happening to them first.

Scott Angell