Civility Comes to Rwanda

The genocide came to an end because of the victory of the RPA, a majority Tutsi army. How did you react to that?

At the beginning when the genocide ended, we were so shocked. We thought if we had killed that we would be killed, but instead they gave us the best treatment. We got water, food, showers. We were never mistreated. We live in the best way, unlike the survivors—we watched films about how the others were treated. People who say the government of Rwanda is bad are wrong. If you’re sick, you get medicine. We can’t visit our families, but they can visit us.”

Sally Hayden interviewing a génocidaire.

Booker on Cameron

“He’s on about the Magna Carta. We, his minions, don’t love the Magna Carta enough, although to be fair to us, it’s a hardly a crowd-pleasing read. There’s no inciting incident in the first act, and there aren’t any sympathetic leads either so it’s hard to know who to root for. It’s King John versus a bunch of wealthy landowners: a legal spat between several berks and the king of the berks. Plebs weren’t covered by the Magna Carta, see. They had the same human rights as a parsnip. You could slice up their kids and use them as shoe leather until 1963. That’s the Britain Cameron wants us to celebrate, the monster.”

Charlie Booker

He Came for the Sinners

“A year ago Jana and I were leaving Freedom Fellowship. The crowd at Freedom is, shall we say, a diverse group. And as we exited the building we encountered a police officer waiting by the door. ‘Oh. Hello!’ said a surprised Jana. ‘Hello,’ said the officer. ‘Sorry to surprise you. I’m just waiting for someone inside.’ Jana and I wished him a good evening and walked to the car. Strolling along I quipped: ‘You know you’ve been to church when the police are outside waiting to arrest someone.'”

Richard Beck


“The estimates I’ve seen regarding what the net value of black American slaves in 1860 would translate to in current dollars range from $1.75 trillion to $10 trillion. Writing in Forbes, some white guy reckons America’s net wealth is somewhere around $80 trillion, adding that ‘Even if slavery reparations are righteously due they would amount to around and about the current cost of food stamps.’ Since total American annual welfare spending is now around $1 trillion, and since the country has spent trillions in welfare since the 1950s, and since blacks chew up a disproportionate amount of welfare expenditures, it’s possible that the ‘reparations’ may have already been paid—with interest, even.”

Jim Goad